changing up my lighting, farmhouse style

I blame this entirely on my sister-in-law. They got this brand new house, you see... And with that brand new house came the addition all these brand new light fixtures... And every time I was over there I just kept staring at them with heart eyes... So then I thought well maybe I can update my fans a little, like with a new light kit perhaps? And my dad, who gets us all our fixtures, says no Laur. Just get all new ones.

So like a good girl I listened to my daddy... And that's just what I did. Not just one, no, but five new fixtures. I love me a good Edison bulb!! So we got new ceiling fans for our living room and above our kitchen island... a light for above our kitchen table, one for above our kitchen sink, and one for above our dining room table.
What do you guys think? Aren't I just the luckiest? I'm obsessed with them! 

Thank you so so so much dad!