changing up my lighting, farmhouse style

I blame this entirely on my sister-in-law. They got this brand new house, you see... And with that brand new house came the addition all these brand new light fixtures... And every time I was over there I just kept staring at them with heart eyes... So then I thought well maybe I can update my fans a little, like with a new light kit perhaps? And my dad, who gets us all our fixtures, says no Laur. Just get all new ones.

So like a good girl I listened to my daddy... And that's just what I did. Not just one, no, but five new fixtures. I love me a good Edison bulb!! So we got new ceiling fans for our living room and above our kitchen island... a light for above our kitchen table, one for above our kitchen sink, and one for above our dining room table.
What do you guys think? Aren't I just the luckiest? I'm obsessed with them! 

Thank you so so so much dad!



  1. All the Edison bulbs! I love them. Our house could use some lighting upgrades, for sure. Can you just come and decorate my house and all the lighting??

  2. seriously your dad is the best dad in all the land! look at these beauties! amazing what good lighting can do right? and always a seemingly simple upgrade.

    xoxo cheshire kat

  3. ahhhh your dad got you the bestest hookup in all the land!!! i love love love a good light fixture!!! my dad installed all our new ones in our house for us when we moved, and even just that was the best gift. these are so great!!! okay i'm curious, too... is it typical for where you are to have a ceiling fan in the kitchen area? i know a lot of places up there don't even necessarily do AC, so that's why i was figuring!

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