another tale of a fall fest

We have been having ourselves some super hot weather as of late but that does not stop us from enjoying the traditional fall activities that happen around these parts! Fall Fest at our local green house for one! First we do the fall things and then we do the swimming things. Each and every day.

Wagon rides and hay maizes, pumpkin painting and fake tattoos, a corn kernel table and a selfie station... and this year the star of the show was the creation of our first ever scarecrow! It was hot and sticky and I ended up with hay everywhere but now my mother has herself quite the scarecrow perched on her front stoop! At least there was no major breakdowns on account of the Olsen children this year; we be improving!!

Some of these photos are my sister-in-law's or my sister's!
I'm not going to lie, and I'm sure Matt won't forgive me for saying this.... but I'm ready for fall-like temps. This pushing 90 every day the end of September is just for the birds...

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