an afternoon apple picking session...

This was just a day last week... a day that started off with a cousin play date followed by some fish watching followed by some lunch having followed by... apples! 

It's been something, having this kid to myself, and vice versa. He's quiet and easily entertained. He's down for anything and really just goes with my flow which is something fun to behold. So a day full of errands and adventures without his siblings? Sure thing!

I had a few apple desserts that I wanted to try so I mean first things first, pick fresh apples! So we did just that. Just the two of us. And he didn't even leave the wagon because Lord Dominic does not like his feet to get wet from the dew on grass. He abhors such things...
And then it was time to bake!



  1. seriously that sweet boy who looks like you. i can't even. apple picking is so fun! as long as you don't have to go in the grass ha

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. I want to go apple picking! Texas needs to get on that. There are no picking farms around here. Wah!!!


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