a nephew is born!

I'm just the most proudest aunt alive right now! My baby sister had her second baby and he is just perfection and cheeks and I just love that boy so much! I'm so happy that her labor and delivery overall went so smoothly! And fast! I mean what five minutes of pushing and wala! Anyway world, I am honored to introduce my nephew and newest little Trovato cousin, Harrison Charles!

All of these photos were taken by my sister-in-law of course. I had the worst time choosing a few photos because they were all just so so gorgeous and amazing! Check out my niece's face meeting him! She is beyond happy and proud and in love with that little man! She's going to rock this big sister thing!
And I'm sure you are all wondering how my three did when meeting their newest cousin (wink wink)... Dom got there first as the big kids were in school... and he was initially unsure and practically giving the poor thing the stink eye but he warmed up super quickly and was all smiles and hugs then! The bigger kids came later in the day... David instantly asking if he could hold Harrison! And then hold him again! And tickle him! Letty checked him out but kept her distance which is odd because she is super into babying and mothering....

Plenty of time for cuddles, that is for sure! We love you so much Harrison! Welcome to the family big guy!!