a letter to letteria, the first grade edition

Oh how fast the summer has come and gone! And we even had ourselves a full extra week what with the building of the kid's new school, a fact that I am most appreciative of! But it's come to a close just the same; today is the first day of school and she will jump out of the van and walk into that new building and start a whole new school year... I don't know many kids in her class, but that's okay... I know her teacher, her aunts and uncles know her teacher, so I'm not worried there. The building is brand spanking new and it's enormous but I know after how quickly she learned her way around last year she will do great. It's just that all this means is that it's the end of another summer, and the start of another year. The passage of time and the return of the routines. They are coming for me. Like it or not. 
She's a first grader now. That has a certain grown up quality to it to it. She's in the grades. She will have children looking up to her, most importantly, her little brother. She will be his guide. She will hopefully always smile and wave at him whenever she passes by. And just make sure he's ok please because those siblings? They stick around and we need to protect them and be there for them. Friends may come and go but siblings are all you've got some times. It's a job as an older sibling. Your cross to bear. But it's such an important one!

So my dearest Letty, I hope you continue to grow and learn this year because my goodness girl you rocked last year and changed so much! You are so much more confident and out going than the year before! I can't wait to see where you go! Learn those sight words baby! Write a ton in your journal and draw pictures and leave me a hundred and one notes please! Make new friends. Keep your old friends too though. Run lots of races if you want, or don't, I love you no matter what. Just be good. Be kind. Be nice to all. Listen to your teacher and do what we would expect you to do, no matter who's around. Be safe and make the very best choices. I know you've learned a new trick or two on the playground at school so maybe keep your feet on the ground more?

I hope you are a kind, respectful, welcoming little lady who follows the rules and does her very best. No matter what. Because mama loves you to the moon and back and the heart and back, like you've always told me.

And pleaaaase tell me about your day. I'll be here waiting on your every word. Probably crying in a corner. But I'll be here...