a letter to david, the kindergarten edition

Oh here it is, right? Another child of mine leaving the nest for public school. Five days a week, seven hours a day.... lunch every day in a cafeteria full of strangers and not here with me. Leaving me alone with Dominic and probably (yes, definitely) lots of tears.  He had a short day yesterday, but we were there with him for the entirety. Today he goes in for a full day. Thank God he has Letty! How much easier this all is knowing his sister is right there with him!

David's always been our academic. Our out-going, clever little boy. Concerns we have with his sister we never had with him... But we do have others of course... Will he ever stop sucking on his hands when he is nervous? Will he speak in gibberish a lot just to get kids to laugh at him? Will he eat? Lord I hope he doesn't show his crazy food flag at school....
But. It's official. Full day public school is starting. I don't worry about him making friends, because he is super friendly and engaging already. He rocks confidence. I know his teacher, God bless her. Even though we don't really have a friend in the room yet I'm not concerned. He's got this. He's ready... my man, even if mama isn't. He is headed here a whole year before I thought he would.... and it's weighed heavily on me but at the same time we know he needs this. He's smart as a whip... a people person. It's his time to go....

Oh So David? I hope you eat. That couldn't hurt. And I hope you'll keep your little David-isms that drive mommy and daddy batty to home only. I hope you'll be a good boy and follow the rules and be polite. Just be you though too. Say hi to everyone like you already do. Welcome all. Love all.  Do your work to the best of your ability and listen to Ms. Carino because she is fantastic and she deserves it!  Be safe please! Read my young man. You're almost there already, so close to being independent at it! I can't wait for you to experience the worlds within the pages of books! Behave on the bus and no rough housing with your sister ever. Trust her and stick together. She has to look out for you but so do you. You're her brother and that means you've got to watch her back... She's always there for you. And if she isn't you come tell mama because I'll fix that right up for you.

Pee in the toilet. Because the alternative is gross. And always smile for your teacher. Give her a hug if you need too. Pay attention. Be nice to all. Which I know you will be. Befriend all. You are such a special little boy buddy, oh the places you'll go in this world!