a firehouse visit

I'm having serious feelings about today being September. I didn't actually realize that today was September until I was typing up this post yesterday... Denial, party of one. Oh how it snuck up on me, this month. And I hate you for it September, truly.

Nasty time going by feelings aside, earlier this week my sister-in-law and our kids all packed ourselves up in the van and  headed towards my brother's firehouse in Rockville, MD. It's a little over a two hour drive and sure does give us quite the appreciation for his, gulp, commute. The main excitement of the day being that my brother drives a ladder truck! The kids stood out front waving and cheering as he pulled it up to the firehouse and backed it right in there like it was his old Mustang and nothing more. Impressed would be an understatement. The kids got to climb all over the trucks before he had to run out on another call and we waved and cheered him off once more! Such a sight, I'm sure! We had lunch and then more visits with Uncle Robbie betwixt calls. Such a dream for a kid, am I right? To hang out at a firehouse with real live firemen and wear the helmet and sit in the recliners and hear the sirens and see the lights and know that it's your uncle doing all that?! Mikayla made it perfectly clear that it was her daddy which okay fine, so she gets ultimate bragging rights....
Thanks so much to Rob and crew for letting us crash at the firehouse for a bit on a Wednesday! We do love it so! And and hey! Spotted! A certain baby bump is starting to peek out of a certain someone's tummy and we just could not be more excited! Another Baby Trovato coming in 2018! #ilovebabies!!!

Past firehouse visits here and here!



  1. oh that trovato hat just sealed it for me. so cute! i don't think i've ever visited or hung out in a firehouse but i mean, hot firemen (sorry) so i think i could be down. lol. a fun day!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. Kids of firefighters are some of the luckiest kids. My brother's kids LOVE the station and the other guys LOVE spoiling them just like my brother does!

  3. I think it is so fun that the kids get to do this!

  4. gosh, i can't believe he has such a long commute... but that is seriously so cool!!!! my kiddos would go crazy for the firetrucks!! and in my head i am hearing how david used to say it. haha!


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