a dining room update, again.

I know! I keep thinking or saying that we are done and then I keep getting handed these amazing ideas up on a platter either from Joanna Herself or my mother or Pinterest! This one came from my mama. And she got it from Joanna. The hutch in our dining room and also the wine tower come to think of it, were purchases made at our old home on a wee tiny budget and probably came from Kmart if I am being honest... They are fine, sure, but not great. Janet suggested painting them. To which is scoffed at because holy rolaids - talk about a lot of work! But then! Enter in my brother-in-law who heard of this plan and suggested he bring over his paint sprayer and I practically jumped up and down in joy at that! He did it all and I am so in love with how they turned out! We removed the glass doors on the top of the hutch and added a shelf back in the middle section... Added a lot of white accents and books and man oh man. Perfection! You can see the original furniture pieces here.

The lighting was terrible, to my shame, but I was just so excited to share these images I couldn't wait for a sunny day... So my apologies!
What do you guys think? I might need to invest in a paint sprayer of my very own...