who letteria is at seven years


Seeing all those photos just one right after the other does something to you doesn't it? All those years flying by with a little scrolling... I feel like we are almost to the point where Letty could write these posts herself which just opens up a whole other set of thoughts, right? How long do I keep this up? When does it become appropriate for her life to be her own and not mine to share? A discussion that will be here before I care to admit it. But back to the point, my eldest, my first, my baby, well, she turns seven today.
She is such a little lady now and has grown in so many ways in the past twelve months! School helped her grow in a hundred different ways and she has come such a long way academically. She loves her friends, running, singing along to every song regardless of knowing the lyrics, rollercoasters and other death defying rides, watching big people movies with mom and dad, crafting (all the crafting), her younger cousins, slushies and popsicles.... She's growing into her personality and really expressing her interests and is just living the dream these summer days.
In the past year she has lost two teeth, cut her hair shorter, made a slew of new friends, learned and  learned and learned at school, sang her heart out at our church's clubs, gotten super polite with pleases and thank you's everywhere, won a few races, ran her first 5k, you name it!
So I did a little interview with her because how do you capture all that is Letteria in one little post? You can't. That's how.

My favorite food: Pasta and meatballs
Foods I don't like: Bananas
My favorite subject in school: Reading (I'm shocked I thought for sure it would have been gym, or math, or art!)
My favorite color: Blue and red (come on it's pink, but whatever)
My best friends are: Sylvie and Baylee and Livi and Makayla and AVERY!
My favorite games to play: Puzzles
What I like to do with free time: Crafts!
My favorite books: Princess books
My favorite movie: Beauty and the Beast, the people one!
Things I'm good at: Math, running, painting and coloring in the lines
Things I need to work on: Rollerskating at home, riding on my new bike, writing and learning how to read
My favorite place to go: The roller rink!
My favorite thing to do with my family: Going on the cruise ships!
My favorite thing at home: Coloring
My favorite outdoor activity: Swimming
My favorite chore: Did you seriously have to do that one??
My favorite song: Another Day of Sun from La La Land
What I want to be when I grow up: A teacher!!! And a mom.
A place I want to visit: Disney World!
My favorite part of last year: Going to school
When I get up in the morning I like to: Play Minecraft on my iPad and I watch Nick Junior
My favorite part of each day: Going in the pool!
My favorite drink: Lemonade
My favorite sport: Running
My favorite outfit: Toot toots! (she means dresses but has always called them this and I will be such a sad panda when she stops)
The happiest of birthdays my love! You mean the world to all of us!