the olsens do hersheypark

And then as if yesterday wasn't enough... The very next morning, bright and early, we headed up to Hersheypark for the day of Hersheypark days. Normally seeing as we are season pass holders we just hit it and quit it, a few hours here, a few hours there. We've never been there so long as we were with Uncle Dan and Aunt Heidi! Hours upon hours.

Letty just ate her heart out being able to go on any such ride she pleased because she had four capable and very willing adults who just did whatever she asked them to do. Roller coaster after roller coaster, that lucky lady. Dom went on a bunch of new to him rides now that he has grown a bit and gone up a height level. We did the water park for a little which included a lazy mile ride, my favorite. The kids had lunch and snacks and I stole Dom's ice cream, which is sort of my thing that I do to that poor soul.... I mean you leave it unattended what is one to do? And the kids touched a snake! We rounded out the day with a little celebrity sighting, a wrestler that Matt happened to recognize.... That's a first! And then we said our goodbyes to our Western Olsens and hugs and love all around before we were on our way! And then Dom promptly fell asleep in the van within minutes.

A Hersheypark Happy success, I'd say.