the fair, the fair!

The arrival of this fair always signals the end of summer in these parts. Quite a lot of the local school districts have already started back up again or will this week anyways... Not to mention that on top of that the weather has been positively fall-like! The mornings and evenings are chilly, the humidity is long gone... windows can be opened! It's August though! Give me a break here Mother Nature!

So the fair. It's something I do. Something I force my kids to endure. And see also my mom and my sister and niece. This is probably one of those things that I should just let slide and fall from our calendar of events but I struggle with that. It's something we do every year and so that's hard for me to let go... We didn't stay for food this year, just hitting up all the animals and petting some and feeding a few... And then the kids climbed all over the tractors on our way out. The food though normally clinches it for me, or at least a milkshake right?
Past fair trips here, here, and here!



  1. lolz to that last photo. but seriously the fair is something fun if you ask me. good memories. except your'e right, it's the end of summer with those guys. and i remember always being excited for the fair (and funnel cake) but also realizing i had to go back to school soon. yuck

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. We always went to the fair at the end of summer too. Such fond memories. I haven't been since we moved here. I have been a little nostalgic and wanting to go extra bad this year. Mini Donuts and fresh squeezed lemonade are jam for fair food!

  3. Aww, the fair is a must! I am looking forward to our big state fair next month. Love that last photo! :)

  4. oh suuuuch great photos!!! i love love the goats and the blue pens. such a fun summertime fair vibe!!

  5. It's August though! Give me a break here Mother Nature!Decorative flower pots


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