the eclipse heard round the world

Yes we all know there was a big spacial event that happened earlier this week... Normally we are sort of big on space and the stars and the moon in this house and yet I did not prepare in the slightest. I was a bit 'meh' about the whole thing. I was going to keep the kids hidden inside because all I had heard was DANGER! Wouldn't want their little precious eyes to be all damaged forever and ever! But it was sunny! And warm! And we have a pool! So I figured I'd head out with them and not mention a thing at all about the sun and they surely wouldn't look. 

Not that we were anywhere near the path of totality of course. So even when the eclipse reached it's "peak" around these parts it was still all bright and sunny...

Anyways, my kind neighbor was out and said you have to check out the eclipse here take a pair of my glasses and I did check it out and it was pretty cool to see even if it wasn't the whole thing! We each took turns checking it out, looking like a bunch of loons on our back deck in our bathing suits staring at the sun with these ridiculous glasses on. Worth it. So worth it.

And the shadows! How cool were those!
I best prepare myself for 2024. I'm sure Letty will totally be down for standing on the back deck in her bathing suit with me watching it right? She'll only be... 14. 




  1. omg 14. lol. but yes it was way cooler than i thought it would be. and i didnt start looking for glasses until like days before like an idiot. luckily someone at work had some :) cute photos! and lovely warm day!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. i'm so glad you guys got a good viewing of it!!! i, too, was more overwhelmed with saving the eyeballs than preparing for how cool it was. now i wish i'd like.. thrown a party! haha! well anyway, your spontaneous photos turned out GREAT!!! and a swim in the pool was the right way to do it for sure!!!

  3. Those guys are too cute! That is so great that you had a good viewing. I was a work and our whole storefront is window. We are sort of watching the light change and it was pretty creepy at times. Lol

  4. OH my word!! Mason will be 14 as well. Let's not even think about that! Love these pictures!!


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