so what's new with you?

It's been awhile since I've poured myself a cup of coffee and done one of these... And to be honest I really enjoy these stream of consciousness-type posts. So here goes!
Number one, it's August. I woke up on Tuesday morning with that fact hanging over me like a big fat grey cloud ala Eeyore. August means final month of summer. Final. Big fat F. Come the day after Labor Day the kids will be off at school, routines once more enforced, lunches (gah! lunches! If anyone has any super duper amazing lunch packing hacks I am all ears. Eyes.), etc.  Dom and I will I'm sure find ways to keep ourselves busy but man... Summer. You've gone too fast. Says everyone ever, but it's true just the same.

But we still do have an entire month left and I keep trying to remind myself of that fact, meanwhile I'm just busy crossing things off our summer to do list one by one. I ask the kids every so often if they've thought of anything else they want to do this summer and we've got a decent list left yet so. Onward we go! After this birthday week is over that is (Letty's/mine/both of my niece's). Annnnnd in between scattered play dates and the necessary pool afternoons I'll cross them all off or I'll be damned.

With all these pool afternoons and the impending loss of my children I have decided that reading would be a wiser past time than redecorating my entire house. Although I do have a few painting projects coming up here that will involve moving furniture and a paint sprayer. Okay fine and another shiplap wall.... But nothing like last year. So far I have read The Underground Railroad, A Map of Time, Go Set a Watchman and The Scottish Prisoner (Jamie!). I'm currently reading Valley of the Dolls courtesy of Kerri, thanks friend! Anyone else have any good page turning book suggestions to distract me from reality for a little? 

I know I should be back-to-school shopping, and I have a little bit but mainly I'm just in denial that my kids will be in pants anytime soon but instead I have been poking around the great internet for myself... mainly dresses? I personally like dresses that number one, are comfortable, but I can also get away without a strapless bra (huge). See also super affordable. I found this one and I love it so much (pockets!) that I've gotten it in navy and in army green as well.

Do you guys do back-to-school teacher gifts? I love David's teacher (Letty's from last year) and I just want to give her the moon... I also hear Letty's teacher is amazing so. I feel like a flower or a bottle of hand sanitizer with a cute saying just isn't enough. Seeing as they get my children more than I will come September it's the least we can do, right?

See I told you, August does crazy things to my brain and basically the entire month is one long Sunday. I need to see a Buddhist about it.

Anyways... As always new (to me) gorgeous Instagram accounts I follow: sokorarain, Danielle, M'Kenna, and Lauren. Because we could all use some new fun feeds right? If only we could get rid of the pesky algorithm...

So, what's new with all of you guys?

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