ocean city, md the third day

The third day of our beach weekend brought with it a lot of wind, some rain, and nothing but grey clouds. I could barely find room to run that morning because the road had flooded out... Three miles around a few cul-de-sacs is just as fun as you can imagine it to be.

The kids were going bonkers though all stuck inside the house on a beach vacation and so we decided to head down the hundred odd some blocks to the boardwalk, hoping they could stretch their little legs and the adults could make some bad food decisions. I didn't count on the wind and the stinging sand though so it was more unpleasant than I imagined, and we weren't the only ones with that idea... so, it was crowded. But eat we did! French fries dripping in vinegar and then some beers and then hey! Ice cream!
We hadn't been on the boardwalk in sooo many years and it was sort of surreal... I spent countless nights wandering around these very planks with my friends when I was in high school and college.... up and down and back up again, running into half the town along the way. Another lifetime ago for sure!

We headed back to the house and sat on the boat, since the bay was too rough to actually take it out... Very upset about that indeed.
Hopefully next year we will get to take this baby out on the bay! Aunt Sue and Uncle Glenn had to unexpectedly leave us shortly after dinner... so it was just the younger generations then for our final night and day.... Schade...