ocean city, md the second day

I'm still in beach mode in these here parts and that's okay! Let's just relive July and pretend it isn't the second week of August already, yes?

This day at the beach they called for rain. All day long they called for rain. And lucky us, they were wrong. Matt's brother and his family had joined us the evening before so now the party could really get started. We made the journey to the beach bright and early like a bunch of pack rats, loaded down with arm fulls of necessary (I'm sure) items. We got a front row seat this day so we could actually sit in our chairs and watch the kids play with an unhindered view. This has to be key I think, getting there early enough so one can sit and also see the kids because my kids? They love to be riiiight at the water.

But! The highlight of this day for me was ALL THE DOLPHINS! There were so so many of them and I've never seen anything like it in all my days. I just stood there like a loon smiling ear to ear spotting as many as I could and trying hard and failing to get a good photo of them. But trust me. They were there and it was amazing.
The kids get to a certain point, at least the little ones, where it's obvious to all that it is time to head back to the house for afternoon naps. Matt and his brother stayed at the house with them while Holly and I took the big kids to swim. And we had cocktails. Cocktails and naps.

The rain came in then finally, just in time for dinner... But we didn't let that stop us from celebrating all the summer birthdays (David, Letty and Sydney) complete with cupcakes and singing and gifts! Aunt Sue and Uncle Glenn are so good to these kids and we love them so! David got himself a legitimate t-ball set to get him started on the baseball train, Letty got charades and a craft purse, and even though it wasn't Dom's birthday they still gave him some wooden race cars complete with "mens." After all the younger kids went to sleep we played charades and laughed quite hard at ourselves...  David proving himself to be quite good at it. 
Oh that Uncle Scoops...