ocean city, md the first day

Every year that we are able we head down to Matt's aunt and uncle's house in Ocean City, MD for a lovely long weekend...This year we mixed it up and went later in the summer than we normally do hoping for warmer water, and it did not disappoint!

We left on last Thursday, armed to the teeth with coffee and donuts and arrived a few hours later, warning them to gird their loins, because here come the Olsen Children. We got settled and immediately headed over to the beach because that husband of mine, well he just needed to feel sand in his toes. He also forgot how not relaxing the beach is with kids. I say he just blocked out any trace of it as some sort of defense mechanism. Umbrellas and blankets and chairs and toys and shovels and two sand buggies and we were there. Unpacking away!

I got hosed by the Scopes guy. I know. Rookie move. But he looked like Zac Effron in my defense and you know you would have said yes too. And of course he got the most adorable photo of all three of my kids that we could absolutely not recreate for the life of me. Ah well. Sorry Zac... but I can't pay that  much money for a key chain. I just can't. 
After the beach was the pool which is the best! Wash all that sand and salt right off and then I mean wala! All set for the evening! We were in charge of dinner that night and did a typical barbecue before sitting on the deck with drinks around their new fire pit.
Yes, I eat my meat with out a bun so that I can go heavy on the mac and cheese because it's MAC AND CHEESE!