my lena girl turned three!

If anyone has really been paying close attention one might notice that we have all been wearing the same clothes in these past three posts and well that is because all of these things happened on the same day. A day is not a day unless it is stock full of activities from dawn to dusk as they say.

Or they don't. But I do.

Anways! My Lena Girl! She turned three! How can it be! It was just yesterday that I spent the night in the cold hospital lobby trying to sleep but really how can one sleep when one is getting a niece!? I held that tiny little thing in my arms and goodness. She got me. She got me good. Thank God her mother is due to give her a little baby brother soon because Aunt Lolo? Well she needs a baby to hug and cuddle and smell, stat.

She calls me Aunt Lolo because Aunt Laurie just sounded like "Letty" and I felt horrible always ignoring her because I thought she was talking to Letty so. Aunt Lolo was born!

Okay okay so her birthday! Her mama cooked us a delicious meal, she opened gifts, we sang to her, and we had cake! What birthdays should be! 
Oh Lena Girl, you are the apple to my eye do you know that? You're personality is a riot! Your mannerisms and Lena-isms are just my favorite! You are smart as a whip and remember everything! You are a beautiful, sweet, caring, kind, most well-behaved little doll and you give us all such joy!

Lena's last birthday, and her first!



  1. seriously she's so stinking cute and funny. just love it. also i had no idea you were wearing the same outfits in multiple posts so you probably wouldn't have needed to even mention it :)

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. oh my goshhhh, the photo of lena with your mom!!! i cannot deal!! they are TWINS!!! and i literally hate when people tell me who my family members look like as if they know everything, but those two just always look like such a sweet little pair in photos... i think it's the absolute cutest ever!!!!

    1. and of course, happy third birthday, lena!!!!

  3. Such a sweetheart! They are all growing up so fast. Yay for new baby smell coming soon. :-)


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