letty's birthday and mr. cheese

For quite a long time on Letty's birthdays we went to Chuck E Cheese. Literally every year on her actual birthday we headed their for lunch and some rides. Even when she was one and just toddled around staring at the lights and all the loud noises, there we were. We haven't gone in a few years because we have been traveling the first week of August... so long story short when asked what she wanted to do on her birthday she said Chuck E Cheese! Who knew?! 

Dominic had never been there obviously and David well he was just a wee one last time so he too basically thought it was all new to him. We split 100 tokens and got the kids the pizza buffet and off they ran! The didn't get much in the way of tickets and prizes but they had a heck of a time just tearing around playing and riding whatever they want. And Matt and I got a headache.
I'm just dying over Letty's face in her photo booth picture! She waited so patiently and smiled so well and then I don't know it hesitated or whatever and the smile fell and this was what was left. I cracked up! After we ran out of tokens we took the kids for some frozen yogurt and all the toppings. A sweet end to the sweet birthday girl's day I'd say!
Letty's sixth, her fifth was spent on a road trip, fourth, third birthdays...



  1. This is so fun! I love her Photo Booth picture!!

  2. lol her face =)

    Chris still loves Chuck E Cheese. Although, we've never actually gone with the kids. I never went as a kid myself. Looks like you had the place to yourself though.

  3. Chuck E Cheese is just the best. I always try and come up with something different and creative for the kids on their birthdays, but when I ask them they too always say the Chuck. And really it is all about them, and they have so much fun! Plus I can just walk around eating pizza.

  4. oh my gosh! i LOVED chuck e cheese when we were little!!! i remember when it was called "showbiz pizza" and i was so mad when they changed the name. i had my 6th birthday there!!!! so HAPPY BIRTHDAY celebration, letty!! it looks amazing!!

  5. goodness gracious how fun for them! this is my nightmare - to hang out there lol. but you know this. but it really covers it all. games, food. ok that's it ha. the joy on their faces is worth it

    xoxo cheshire kat

  6. Her photo is priceless! Such a fun day for the kids. ;-)


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