john wright restaurant, a family night out

This is a restaurant that I have heard praises sung about on multiple occasions over the course of many years; we just have never had a chance to go to there. We all had a free night and so off went, over the river to a different county, to John Wright Restaurant, where now we too, shall sing their praises. 

The food was delicious, the drinks fun, the service was great and the view? That bridge that was once burned down to keep Confederate soldiers from crossing into Lancaster and therefore taking the capital? Well now I'll take that historical site any old day.
And it was just a really great excuse to take more photos of the families together because well, they are always a-changing now aren't they? 

And then Letty had her first Blizzard. Living the dream, these kids, all thanks to their Nonna and Poppop!



  1. you know i love that spot. i haven't eaten there but it's just the prettiest in all the land really. the views! on a nice day it's really something. and blizzards?! i mean, it doesn't get much better if you ask me. other than that pizza. i mean, i'll take that all day long

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. I love finding a good restaurant like that! First blizzard? Wow! Yay for Letty!

  3. Your parents win for the best grandparents award!!

  4. gosh i love the history there! too crazy about the railroad bridge! and i love your family photos! and i do love a good blizzard. we only ever get them on road trips, and i haven't had one in years... but the delicious memories last through the decades. ;) i am so glad you guys had a great time!!!

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