an olsen visit

Matt's youngest brother fled the east coast in search of higher learning over five years ago now so we only see him once or twice a year... And one such visit was a few weeks back... They came over for a pool day, armed to the teeth with water balloons and birthday gifts! Uncle Dan threw the boys as high as he could while I tried not to worry... Dom snuggled with Aunt Heidi multiple times, which anyone who knows Dom knows that is very odd. We ate a ton of food and opened gifts and built up said gifts and just generally caught up on life as we know it...

At least we know in a few years they will at least be in the same time zone? Yes? Yes!



  1. haha matt's silly face. too fun. it looks like it was a super fun time with the olsen fam. i mean, who wouldn't want to snuggle after presents arrive? ha

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. Those first two pool priceless!!

  3. What a fun visit! You are so good about getting group shots. I usually fail at that!

  4. Oh these pictures, and all these beautifully bronzed humans! Summer can just stay forever for you!

  5. Dom loves his Auntie! All the smiles for her. Check out the height! Flying! 😄


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