an air show

Our local airport has a bi-yearly air show type situation that happens in August that just about the entire county shows up for. At least that is how it felt as we sat forever in traffic just to park. You'd think it would be quite the air show with that turn out right? But it is Lancaster County so I shouldn't be expecting the Blue Angels or anything but still. 

We got there about a half hour before the start of the show just to wander around and check out a few parked planes... We couldn't get in any of them because the lines were too long... We got some free ice cream and found ourselves a front row spot to watch the show and then sat. And sat. The show started a half hour late.... Note to self for next time, go later. We watched it for awhile and felt a a bit underwhelmed and by that time the kids were ready to go home and swim so we left.... Just as the jet portion started. Figures right? We ran into the grocery store and heard them flying overhead. Sigh.

At least it wasn't hot! That would have been real bad.