all the peaches and baby cows please

Out of all the fruit picking escapades I make my children endure peaches may be my most favorite. I love all the fruit we pick for sure, and whilst raspberries are my favorite to eat, picking them isn't as easy as say, peaches! I won't dwell on the fact that peach season means the end of summer and all that that statement does to my anxiety/emotional well-being...Nope. Moving right on from that thought! My mother, sister, and sister-in-law all had a free Tuesday morning and when those stars align we must jump on said star! Down to Cherry Hill Orchards once more!
It is always so hot (or "close" as the locals say) in between those peach trees! The air is just thick and heavy with the smell of the fallen fruit gone a little past it's prime... We don't last long in those rows. We pick. We take, or attempt to take, photos of our kids, and then we high tail it out of there!
As always now that we discovered this place we went over to neighboring Pine View Dairy for a picnic lunch and some baby cow petting and some ice cream of course! They recently added on this super nice patio area with tables and chairs and wow! Loving it Pine View! Loving it.
From now till the end of the month you better believe I'll have our days fully stocked with summer adventuring. I just can't believe we are already here! A statement I think about a hundred times a day these days....

Oh and of course a great deal of these photos are Ashley's.

Past peach picking adventures here, here, here and here!



  1. baby cows!!! oh my goodness. adorable. i'd be so afraid to see baby cows in real life, i'd probably swear off beef right there and then and i really like the occasional hamburger. lol. i love peaches though! i didn't know you could pick them. i have never picked any fruit and each time you post about it i'm like man that looks fun. peaches look the most fun. very interesting about it being super hot in between the trees! i'm intrigued by why they say 'close' instead of hot. interesting.

  2. all the baby cows please. and peaches! yum. i have yet to get any but i'll get there ha. love all of these photos per usual :)

    xoxo cheshire kat

  3. Summer traditions! I love. Also omg baby cows!!

  4. I'm totally with you! This summer seems to have just disappeared. Baby cows and ice cream! Sign me up. :-)

  5. Oh! These are some great pictures!! And baby cows are my weakness. Chris has been warned that one day I will come home with a cow or two. Lol

  6. oh my gosh. what a FLAWLESS set of photos!!!!!! i want to be your child. not even kidding.

  7. Two for one! Can't beat that. We didn't end up picking any peaches but we did buy some from an orchard by Chris's parents' house. The windows by said patio added a nice aroma or two though...


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