a fellow blogger adventure

This blogging gig can be very odd sometimes, especially to someone who doesn't have a blog. But after many years (four, yikes!) of having a blog I'm come to "know" several other fellow bloggers quite well through the magic of the internets. One such blogger is Courtney. She was up in my neck of the woods for a family function a few weeks ago and so it was definitely on the agenda to meet up for real. Like in the flesh. 

I suggested a trail I didn't know a whole lot about but did know that it was flat and paved so I knew it would be family friendly. The Northwest Lancaster County River Trail is where we headed. So I have to take all the blame for what it turned out to be. The parking area is gorgeous, right along the river looking at a bridge, very promising. Then we have to walk one (literally) mile through an industrial type area till it becomes woodsy and shaded. Sorry kiddos!! Once there it was just a wooded trail, nothing crazy but I imagine if we had bikes we could have kept going and seen all sorts of good things! We did go through a tunnel which was fun... I really should do my research better.
Either way it was nice to just get out in the world and adventure and finally get to meet a fellow blogger! I believe they call it a "blate"? Blogger date? It is apparently a thing. Anyways Courtney I hope you had a fantastic trip up north and I'm glad you at least got a few days respite from Floridian heat!