a day in the life

I can't believe it's practically been a year since I've done one of these.. what?? But I wanted to sort of document what a typical summer day looks like for us because in a few short weeks (less than two to be exact, sniff) it'll all be over and back to the school grind we go! This day is only abnormal in the fact that Matt had to go up to the corporate office for the day so he was gone all day like most normal working dads and two, we had no play dates scheduled because David had ruined the past two and lost the privledge for the entire family. Moving on.

6:00 am: Normally I don't get up this early, but like I said, Matt and work. This is only about a half hour/hour earlier than usual though. I throw on my sneakers and head down to the basement for my morning run, today it was interval training! I've been watching The Originals on Netflix... It beats staring at a wall that is for sure and as this is my seventh year running on a treadmill every day, things to watch are few and far between at this point... After that I fold laundry and put that away and help Matt unload the dishwasher before he leaves for work.
7:00 am: I make the bed and Dom immediately plops in the middle of my pillows with some books while I hop in the shower and get dressed and such. Then I head downstairs for my coffee and flower watering after setting David up with his bowl of vanilla yogurt and all the negotiations that entails....
8:00 am: Letty pads down and I get her her breakfast of toast and yogurt, the norm. She eats that while I run around and dust. The boys clean up the playroom so I can successfully vacuum without sucking up all their favorite toys. It's a threat they seem to actually take stock in on Thursdays. The kids are dressed and I do their hair and teeth before heading out.
9:00 am: The kids love this local park, Amos Herr. It has a zipline, and need I say more? They always ask to head back there and frankly it's been since June so I feel like a trip is in order. They tear around and we leave as soon as more people start getting the same idea...Because I like my parks practically empty.
10:00 am: The bigger kids got a lot of coupons when they completed our library's summer reading program, one such coupon being BOGO Auntie Anne's pretzels. I took them to the mall and they were so confused by this whole idea of stores inside that it really just sent them over the edge. The escalators? Oh forget it. Definitely will be needing to keep that in my back pocket for a rainy day...Who knew the mall was such fun!
11:00 am: Home again and thank the lucky heavens it is time for a pool day! Normally we would have had friends over but like I said, no go this week. Or next, probably. We set ourselves up to be outside for the remainder of the day.
12:00 pm: Lunch time kids! I have my typical, of course. David refuses to eat and sits there in the shade for about an hour but he eventually reneges... school lunch time should be real interesting this year for sure....
1:00 pm: I've loved being able to read by the pool this summer! Imagine all the tomes I'll be able to read next year! My Stephanie loaned me a bunch of books... quite a few Jodi Piccoult ones, which I've never read any of hers before so it's been interesting. They definitely keep me engaged and I do love a good page turner...
2:00 pm: Dom hasn't napped in weeks but he laid by the back door screaming for a snack for about 45 minutes and since it wasn't near snack time I decided he must be tired soooo up he went. The big kids were all about their play set and I took to floating... with the filter on it's like I've got my own lazy mile....Round and round I go...
3:00 pm: The bigger kids have taken to tent building on the deck. I am just all about this hot sunny afternoon because it's been a rare occurrence lately and well, tomorrow they are calling for rain so must soak it all up, literally!
4:00 pm: Dom wakes up from his nap and we all head inside to get dressed for dinner. Dressed and prepped and ready to head over to Nonna and Pop's for a dinner.
5:00 pm: My mom gets down her mallards? Fake ducks? Loons? I don't know but the kids love that sort of thing. They play with upstairs games I normally don't allow them to while my mom preps pasta and meatballs.
6:00 pm: My brother and Sadie are back from their summer adventures and it's the first time we are seeing them in at least a month I'd say... Dom shows them how much he's changed by cuddling with them both and using words.
7:00 pm: On our post-dinner constitutional we spy two deer back by the woods near my parent's house. Finally! We have been searching for the illusive beings all summer. Too bad Letty missed it because she was running sprints about the cul-de-sac.
8:00 pm: We are home and Matt and I are working out while the kids play in the basement. We give them a warning with twenty minutes left that it's time to start picking up the legos that are quite literally everywhere. Why legos must be dumped is beyond me. It's fun for no one. I had originally planned on doing a fire this night but by the time we were done cleaning up the basement and all that it was already dark out and pretty late to get the whole thing started just to throw more sugar at the kids...
9:00 pm: Kids are bathed (necessary from all their sprinting around Nonna and Pop's house barefooted) and tucked into bed with not a peep out of them. Sprints prior to bedtime may be the best plan ever. I've got my drink and my blanket and my perch for the next few hours... Matt and I watch the first portion of the Real Housewives of NYC Reunion and by watch I mean Matt plays on his phone and I watch.
10:00 pm: I've got my evening glass of white wine and Caribbean Life is on in the background but honestly, these Summer of Yes days? They take a lot out of me. It doesn't take me long to finish this and head on up to the gloriousness of my bed...
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