Dominic, age 2 years: This past weekend has taken it out of him! He's actually napped for the first time in weeks and I'm not hating it. Maybe once the kids go back to school he will still want to nap and who am I to say no? Not sure what I'll do with myself if that is where he goes but... ya know. I'll manage.

David, age 5 years: He has his kindergarten teacher meet and greet and bus orientation this week and while he knows his teacher and all is good there he seems to be acting like the bus thing will make him afraid. That's a direct quote. I'm so excited to see their new school though! It's been years in the making and it's so so big so let's just get ourselves used to it asap.

Letty, age 7 years: I just may train this girl for a life guard type role here shortly. Over the weekend we had ourselves a little mishap with the pool and a little boy and it freaked everyone out (even though it was totally fine and nothing happened, thank God) but I'm just so glad Letty was there to say hey! Kid in the pool! Parents! If I had a medal to give her, I would.

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