Dominic, age 2 years: He has taken to sharing in his sister's beloved ice pops. Germs up for grabs left and right in the Olsen residence! But that is neither here nor there. The other day (while we had four children and two mothers over for a swimming play date) Dom stands on the play set and announces that he is peeing and sure enough, he was. He continued to repeat this sentiment as well as the act while getting off the play set... walking across the patio... up the flight of stairs... until finally coming to rest on the deck. So that was fun.

David, age 5 years: This child is just so darn cute and a ham and completely and utterly infuriating all in one. I think he's really truly feeling the need for some school time. At least that is what I keep telling myself. No he isn't in fact losing his mind Laurie, he is just bored and needs structure. Or something along those lines. That's a thing right? I wish it wasn't and I wish school would never come but maybe just maybe he needs it a little.

Letty, age 7 years: She loves Descendants. I realize we are several years behind this trend but to her it is brand spanking new. She wants nothing more than to watch the two movies on repeat all day and all night. And if the movies are not available well then she wants to listen to the songs. Particularly Rotten to the Core. I know mom, I know. It's actually a pretty cute pair of movies and I don't really mind her watching them? The songs are stuck in my head all the time though and that I could do without...

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  1. what is this descendants? i need to google. oy vey. and david i'm sure he needs structure. lil guy. obsessed with that photo of him. and dom i have no words haha

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. i love how much these photos capture the essence of summer!!!!! and oh the peeing. boys and the peeing!!

  3. OMG DESCENDANTS!!!! It is sort of new around here too, but it won't stop! I think I know every song, and I definitely know the dance moves to What's My Name, and Chris and I can go at it on the It's Goin Down song. We are completely embarrassing since our children take it sooooo seriously. LOL

  4. They are so adorable! What is it with boys and peeing everywhere? Mason used to do that. Oh David! Love that picture. We still haven’t seen the Descendants. We need to, I guess? I’ve heard a lot about it lately. Is there a new one out or something?


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