Yes, yes, I know. But we have had a weekend. Not in a bad way. Just in a hey we have had lots of stuff happening and birthday parties and big play dates that turn into dinner and you know what? Summer of Yes. That might mean a lot of sleeping kid photos when I realize I neglected to take any pictures of my kids during our Sunday...
Dominic, age 2 years: Naps are hit or miss... Early mornings are hit or miss... Getting him to respond to someone's questions are always a miss... And yet now and again he'll give someone this sly little look like hey I know I'm ignoring you, but I got ya girl. If he could wink he would... it's just that kind of face. He's trouble, that's what.

David, age 5 years: He really hated not being able to join in on Letty's school friend's swim thing yesterday. Matt did his best to distract him but every chance he got he stood by the back door looking longingly at all the ladies. Eventually we reneged and he too joined the group. Someday before I know it he will be loving hanging out with his sister's friends... and I'm sure they too will love him being there... He's trouble, that's what.

Letty, age 7 years: The week of the birthday celebrations is officially over. The cake was eaten to the last crumb. I need to go on a detox... But she had a great week. Last night she fell asleep with new earrings (that don't match, because that's the style these days in case you didn't know, which I did not) and her very first flamingo bff necklace. She's never owned a necklace before. Or had anything bff related. She doesn't get out much. But with it now she looks so much older... Seven. She's trouble, that's what.

Past weekly shots found here.



  1. haha trouble trouble trouble. i remember loathing my brother wanting to hang out w/ me at that age with me being the oldest. and i was not very nice to him. alas. and dom is going to be the most popular kid in school i just see it. that sly devil.

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. they are angels. ANGELS!!! i love watching my babies sleep. it's just so beautiful. and oh, all the birthdays make things crazy, right?! i feel ya!!! but celebrations, yay!

  3. earrings that don't match? no. i .. i don't like it. is this what it's like to be old?


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