an air show

Our local airport has a bi-yearly air show type situation that happens in August that just about the entire county shows up for. At least that is how it felt as we sat forever in traffic just to park. You'd think it would be quite the air show with that turn out right? But it is Lancaster County so I shouldn't be expecting the Blue Angels or anything but still. 

We got there about a half hour before the start of the show just to wander around and check out a few parked planes... We couldn't get in any of them because the lines were too long... We got some free ice cream and found ourselves a front row spot to watch the show and then sat. And sat. The show started a half hour late.... Note to self for next time, go later. We watched it for awhile and felt a a bit underwhelmed and by that time the kids were ready to go home and swim so we left.... Just as the jet portion started. Figures right? We ran into the grocery store and heard them flying overhead. Sigh.

At least it wasn't hot! That would have been real bad.


david's kindergarten meet and greet

Oh how much easier the starting up of kindergarten has been on me this year as opposed to last! I still am anxious and sad about it... I'm still up for a few hours each night worrying over minute details I can't control... I will still cry and cry and cry those first few days.... but wow what a difference from last year (so imagine the mess I was last year! Not good!). Not to mention this guy is just made for school and social situations so he just makes it a breeze for his mama!

I'm so glad our district does a meet and greet for these kindergartners and their parents! Even though we all already know and love his teacher so much it's still a nice step back into the school world. David kept saying he was scared because he had been warned that he would have to ride the bus, and without either of us. We sat next to his best friend from pre-k who was just as nervous as he was to watch the bus safety video before the ride... When it was time to go I was so proud of him for keeping it together because wow so many little ones didn't and I feel like once one starts to cry it can become contagious! But he just followed the leader right out the door very solemnly onto the bus. And of course this became the very best part of the day then in his opinion. That bus. 

This is a new building for everyone and their mother so we are all learning about it as much as we can.. We got to see his classroom and meet some classmates and investigate a little before heading out to the playground before heading home. He really likes those fun green bouncy chairs and the chick-chicka-boom-boom tree his teacher has on her desk. And no, Ms. Carino, he does not want that Popsicle. He doesn't eat Popsicles. Well your loss bud!
I have a few days left. I have a few days left. I have a few days left....


an early apple picking trip

I typically refrain from any fall activities until September. Especially since fall started to include the nasty little word "school" in it. Tainting my love of all things fall, that school. But there are some apples that are ripe in August however and they are quite good apples and we must pick them before the kids start school and my only sidekick will be Dominic! We must!

As usual my mom and sister and niece were along for these adventures. We went to Masonic Villages which is just beautiful back there! Especially once those leaves turn which I do always get quite excited about. Okay so maybe I can still love fall. Talk to me next Wednesday when I'm crying into my coffee and we'll see though...

We didn't stay long. Dominic was well on his way to the start of an embarrassing tantrum and the big kids were arguing over the wagon (they'll argue just about anything these days) so I quickly put a few apples in the box before heading back to pay for them... grumbling the entire way about why I even bother...
Dom is going to have to get over his aversion to photos because once these two hooligans are in school he will be all I have in the world during the day!

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the fair, the fair!

The arrival of this fair always signals the end of summer in these parts. Quite a lot of the local school districts have already started back up again or will this week anyways... Not to mention that on top of that the weather has been positively fall-like! The mornings and evenings are chilly, the humidity is long gone... windows can be opened! It's August though! Give me a break here Mother Nature!

So the fair. It's something I do. Something I force my kids to endure. And see also my mom and my sister and niece. This is probably one of those things that I should just let slide and fall from our calendar of events but I struggle with that. It's something we do every year and so that's hard for me to let go... We didn't stay for food this year, just hitting up all the animals and petting some and feeding a few... And then the kids climbed all over the tractors on our way out. The food though normally clinches it for me, or at least a milkshake right?
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