who david is at five years

Ah my middle child. Five! He's going to have such a big year, now that he's five. He says he will start eating all the foods, when he's five. I'm sure now that it's here he will add on a few years because let's be honest this child and his food consumption is something I could quite literally wax on about for hours. He starts full day kindergarten in the fall, right along side his sister with this public school business. I'm sure that he will just take off once school starts; he is such a sponge! He's a goof and emotional and loving and infuriating all in one little adorable boy with the best of all smiles. 
If we are staying up late, which we have been doing a lot of lately he will come cuddle up on my lap, heave a deep sigh, and say mommy I'm tired, can I please go to bed? And I mean I just love that so much! He's our sleeper, this one. He still has night terrors quite often but he's quick to recover and fall back asleep. If he's up late one night he could quite literally sleep till lunch which is insane but kinda nice at the same time. Sleep is his friend.
We started "food training" David last August and I wish I could say that we have corrected his poor eating habits but no. That is a big check in the failure column. Since August he now regularly eats grilled cheeses, peanut butter sandwiches, and vanilla yogurt. Those are the only new additions. He has taken a bite of pasta or taco meat but only on very rare occasions and normally when my older brother takes him under his wing. Twice now he has quietly sat down and eaten an actual portion of pasta and Matt and I just look at each other miming and whispering lest David hear us and stop. We are at a total standstill and have no idea what to do. He goes hungry often, eating not a thing. He skips meals and snacks because of his stubbornness. Threats and punishments and bribes, all ineffective. Jesus take the wheel.
He's so intelligent this kid he blows my mind. He picked up on his sister's school work faster than she did. It's crazy to think how many words he can read... Every morning we have a "morning meeting" like the kids do at school and when we go through our alphabet sounds David amuses himself by coming up with new words that start with letter... He adds and subtracts. I mean it's bananas! And he's got a killer tan!
He's super into trucks lately. Big trucks. With many wheels. He is never so happy as he is when a big truck blows their horn for him. Makes his week. He wants to be a truck driver when he grows up. But he needs to be 18 and get his CDL. Direct quote. He likes to build with blocks and magna-tiles. He's getting better at playing nicely with his brother but that I fear will always be a work in progress. It's mainly a constant wrestle mania type situation these days. Mostly he's with his sister, his cohort, and that's just fine of course.
He still goes to sleep every single night with Chase and Whaley the Dolphin and I'll lose my mind when that phase stops. He will always be the first one to come to you if you need a hug or if his siblings are hurt or sad. The other day his cousin accidentally popped her balloon and her poor little heart was just breaking and without any prompting David walked right on over to her and gave up his balloon. Just like that. With great sensitivity comes great kindness in his case, I guess. He leaves so many people so confounded with his brand of insanity.... Mainly regarding food of course, but still, it's nuts. Where are the cameras? Are we on The Truman Show? But he's just so sweet and cute and kind... It compensates a bit for that you know? 
I let David watch the end of Titanic, just the boat sinking part, and once the ship went under I look at David and he's crying and when asked why he says, I just really liked dat ship! Priorities.
Happiest of fifth birthdays to you D! We love you antics and all!