we finally made it to the water park!

I find it very hard to believe that with as much plotting as I do for our summers (and all year long, let's be honest) that we hadn't had a chance to go to Hersheypark's Boardwalk yet! I mean it opened up Memorial Day Weekend, and sure, we put a pool in this year but still! Get with the program Laur! It's probably all because I have this deeply rooted dislike of this water park. All water parks. Am I being over dramatic? I'll never tell. 

Three kids. One water park. You can only imagine the thoughts buzzing around inside my overly neurotic brain...

Back to the highly entertaining reason for this discussion, the water park! We had a free week night (because nights mean Matt can be there too, yay!) and even though it was sort of chilly the sun was out and so I insisted this be the night we go, lest my summer get away from me and it get missed. Or something.

We wandered around a few of the different areas testing out which one was the least stressful for us... meaning the least crowded, shallowest water and all surrounded by a fence. The kids were having a blast tearing around, under water falls, down water slides and the like. I had to pull the plug though when Dominic's lips turned a slightly alarming shade of purple and wouldn't stop chattering. I wrapped him up like a burrito until conditions improved.
We dried off as best we could and went on regular plain old amusement park rides until it was time to head home, well past bed time and smelling of the strongest chlorine... Frosty's and fries from Wendy's in hand. Sometimes I can be a fun mom.... Sometimes.