tubing down on the river

I have found myself another mother with a penchant for filling up her children's summer days with as many memory-making activities as humanly possible and I love it! She told me all about her yearly tradition of floating down the river and after asking her about a hundred questions I quickly jumped at the chance! I had to find someone to watch Dom though because after last year's Lazy Mile experience Dom and tubes do not go together. And an almost two hour float? Yeah no, not going to chance doing that with him. Notgunnahappen. Just wouldn't be prudent...

Okay! So. This place is called Sickman's Mill and off I went! Down to a place by the river where cell phone reception goes to die... apparently. My friend Toniel and her daughters (Letty's friends from school), as well as their grandmother and another friend met us down there. We signed our papers and off we went! Floating all accidental like on the current, until someone's butt got us caught on a rock here and there. The river was running a bit low apparently so normally that doesn't happen and it's not such a long float... So they say. We started off with one kid per adult but quickly decided sticking together would be more fun... so we tethered us all together, which probably contributed to the whole getting stuck thing... See also thank goodness for waterproof iPhone cases yes!?
We made it down the river a piece where a van was waiting for us to drive us back to our cars in a little under two hours... lots of laughs and good conversation along the way. I'm sure if the water level was higher it would have been a really relaxing time, with not much in the way of navigation needed... minus the fact that there were four children along for the ride... That and maybe some drink of choice....

Here's to adventuring!



  1. This is so fun!! All four of mine would be totally down for this! Chris has a packraft that he used to do all the fun things in Alaska with, and I think I was always pregnant during those fun times. LOL

  2. I fall into that same mama category, friend! What a fun time. We have been talking about floating the river and want to do that before summer is over. Great pictures!! It look like y'all have the whole river to yourself!

  3. oh my gosh, this is SO FUN!!! what an adventure!! i so wish we were close enough for me to drag myself along on your fun times because i totally would.

  4. Wow. It seems that you with your children are having a good fun. Wish you all guys best of luck for your adventure. I hope that children would have learned well.
    Emma Charlotte | TheAcademicPapers.co.uk

  5. We saw people tubing down a river near us and I had all these daydreams of us taking the girls and how peaceful it will be... but it would probably end up in tantrums and whining. :-P I'll wait quite a few years, I think!

  6. i love tubing. there is so much of it here in florida with the natural springs. SO fun. all deadly. and glad you didnt take the tasmanian devil ha

    xoxo cheshire kat

  7. oh my gosh this looks so fun!! i totally want to do this. we have a river close by that people do kayaking and stuff, i don't know if tubes would 'work' but it sounds super fun.


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