some home updates of the farmhouse variety

I've been slowly changing a few things here and there in our home so I thought I would update all of you and where I'm at in my quest to redo my entire home from top to bottom. Insert maniacal laugh here.

I replaced Matt's handmade tobacco basket with a real deal from our local decor store that I'm always blathering on about. It's not an antique but that's just fine! And don't worry I didn't throw his out, I just moved it. I also made my own boxwood wreath out of a garland found here and a wire hanger via my sister. I also also made the "gather" sign. I'm not 100% crazy about it because I drew the letters freehand and that is always my downfall. I loved how the distressing turned out though.
I saw these two potted boxwoods at none other than the same store as above and I walked by them like a hundred times till I decided they needed to be mine. I had to move some things around to make it be just the way I wanted, including that homemade box from Matt that was on the sofa table. Which meant the sofa table needed an update... which then led to the end tables...
As mother's do, they know best, and my mother suggested I get two lamps for on either side of the couch to add some much-needed height. And I love them! 
I bought my first antique! This is pretty much a sign that it's all downhill from here and I'll be a full-fledged antiquer before I know it. I found this little coffee grinder at this new to me local shop called The Cottage, as well as a skeleton key and an old corkscrew. It's the little things! 
We got a new living room rug! It's jute and it's like a massage on the piggies with each step. I also got a smaller one for by the back door and another by the kitchen sink and I love them so.
We got a new playroom rug! See also, the kid's Ikea play table and chairs needed a bit of a facelift. It had just seen some much better days. I stained the legs and then used chalkboard paint on everything else. Who knows, maybe some day I'll allow them to draw on them?
I got this Moroccan straw market bag that I've had my eye on for years now and I just love it. For decor purposes and for hey I don't know, a beach trip coming up here next month. Why not?
And in our powder room I printed up these free watercolor plant prints from Miss Joanna herself and put them in Dollar Tree frames. How I just love the Dollar Tree!
So anyways... I love the way the living room is coming together! I feel like I may almost be there. I realize that sentence probably makes Matt cringe but it is what it is. Getting there people! What do you guys think?

And have a wonderful weekend!