raspberries are my very favorite berries!

Another day another fruit picking post! I had neglected my cherry post because of vacation so no, cherry season and raspberry season aren't necessarily days apart. I digress. Raspberries are my favorite and normally Matt and I go and really tie on the dog and pick something like $40 worth of berries which we then freeze for our winter vino but this year I just picked for us. And it was much more fun I'll tell you...

My mom and niece came along for the ride and we all had a good time picking, some of us sampling as we went. Dom even participated! That kid, just growing in leaps and bounds. I didn't realize that my camera card was stocked full of vacation photos so iPhone photos it is! Ah well, technology! I looooove having raspberries in my vanilla yogurt with almond slices! It's my most favorite treat as of late.
Past raspberry picking here and here.



  1. i love love loveeeee raspberries. also my fav is to get fresh ones, wash and freeze some for snacks. so yum! easier to eat than frozen strawberries but i do that too. and now i'm hungry ha

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. You are goals when it comes to fruit picking my friend! We missed strawberry season but it seems like raspberry season is not till Mid July here? So there is hope! I also found a place to go peach picking and want to try and go there this weekend if they are ready, all the summer fruit, forever and always!

  3. oooh don't you just want to pick every single plump juicy berry you can get your hands on!! so amazing! this is the best best best every time!

  4. Oh those berries! They look amazing. Can I come visit and go to all the picking farms? We have nothing like that here! I mean, this is Texas...there are supposed to be farms of every variety everywhere you look! ha


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