on the land...

Happy Fourth everyone! We have a nice little Tuesday planned today with our first Fourth barbecue with my family since we put in the pool! You know the drill, lots of grilled food, mac and cheese and patriotic desserts, plenty of swim time and some sparklers. You know, child-friendly pyrotechnics. 

But first! Back to our vacation! While away we celebrated Father's Day! With soft serve ice cream the size of my head! And my sister and her husband's anniversary! With cake! We also saw sunsets, had fires in pits and in places, made s'mores, played cornhole, ate far too many snacks, stayed dry during the storms, drank many drinks of the alcoholic variety, watched the kids play in any old place they happened to find themselves, watched Letty practice her cartwheels and just overall had tons and tons of laughter.

Some of these photos are my sister-in-law's...
Here's to another wonderful family vacation in the books! I love hanging out with these people and we all have such an awesome time together! Thanks so much Nonna and Poppop for the entire thing! We love you, we love you, we love you!

And have a great holiday! 'Merica!