david's fifth birthday party

We always host our families for the kid's birthdays each year and I always let them pick their "theme" otherwise known as the paper products. David chose a theme that was online only unfortunately and I didn't know that until it was too late and so he had to chose something from the shelves, settling on Hot Wheels, just like his fourth birthday so. Sorry my middle child! Also sorry because quite a lot of people couldn't make it and well, like I needed another reason to say big families are amazing (right Brittany?)!

We watched the birthday dvd that I whip up for each kid every year, all to some choice tunes. David chose the meal, pizza and corn, what else is there for this little boy? He wanted it to be Red Baron pizza but we convinced him getting it delivered from a pizzeria was a wiser choice. He got some great gifts! A dinosaur floor puzzle, a pogo stick, two lego sets and some padding for his future education of course... Such a lucky little man! Thank you to all who could make it and celebrate his fifth time around the sun!

 And then of course just because hey! Perk of a summer birthday! We went outside to swim!
David's fourth birthday party, third, second and first!



  1. What a great birthday party!! Every year I let Mason choose his theme and oh man, it's a battle. He wants the most random and detailed themes - like just the Joker, but it the prison Lego Joker. Well, they don't make joker items without Batman and especially not the prison suit Lego joker! haha.

  2. omg david looks so much like matt. more each day. and the one photo of dom - he needs to see a buddhist about it. haha. what a great day for mister david! family all around!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  3. yesss thank goodness for big families!! thank goodness. seriously. :) and ohhh how can you beat a good car theme?! happy birthday to your sweet little man!!!! 5. wow!!!! slow down, life!!!


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