cherries! and baby cows!

Oh it's summer and summer means fresh fruit all the time and I watch these ripening dates like some people I know pay attention to sports teams I imagine. I have all the farm webpages saved on my phone and I have the summer all planned out accordingly. End of May? Strawberries. Middle of June? Cherries. End of June? Raspberries. July? Blueberries. August? Peaches. September... wait wait wait no no no let's not rush.

So before our vacation I met up with my sister-in-law and niece Mikayla for some annual cherry picking. We don't really eat cherries in my house but we always pick them for my dad because that guy likes him some cherries. There was one ladder for picking that resulted in round upon round of arguments over who's turn it was to climb it, even though most cherries were within reach. Just leave it to my kids to find something to argue over no matter where they are.
After we pick we pay and then we headed over to Pine View Dairy for some cow watching and a picnic lunch all topped off with ice cream!
Thanks as always for adventuring with me Ash! Love that you don't mind my crazy antics one bit!

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