a fourth of july parade

Just your daily dose of a blast from the Fourth of July past here! This time we are headed towards the very amazing little town of Lititz for their annual Fourth of July parade. We mixed it up a bit this year since my brother now calls Lititz home and we parked in their drive way. Just to take away that concern of trying to find a spot for the cars. Then comes the ever stressful job of finding a spot for our seats, which we found right at the very beginning of the parade. 

Then you know the drill, walk to the local pizzeria, eat the delicious piping hot pizza and mozzarella sticks, walk back to claim our spot for Trovato Land, etc. The bigger kids and I practically ran a few blocks for a quick visit with David's girlfriend from school, because they are so stinking cute together I can't even. When we got back it was just in time for the start of the parade, sweating bullets and all. 

The kids clapped and waved and got candy and I drank both ice cold Died Pepsi's I had packed, before heading back to our lovely air conditioned vehicles...
Another great success in the books! Next year I may not so secretly petition that we bring the pizza back to my brother's drive way and eat it there.... Maybe....

Past Fourths here and 2015... 2013.