a boho wall hanging

Another Crafting with Kerri post for our Friday! I've seen these all over Pinterest and Etsy and Instagram and I just love them so much so I was thrilled when she too loved them and wanted to do one of these! Matt can't stand it, to be clear, but I love it!

Things you need:
Two embroidery hoops of different sizes (mine found at A.C. Moore)
Gold spray paint
Yarn in whatever color you wish
Wood beads
Hot glue gun

I wrote about the whole tie technique on my other wall hanging post found here.

Letty took the majority of these for us because she's becoming quite the budding photographer...
We had to call it quits the day of because we were running out of time so later I spent many a struggle trying to get the beads on the yarn but eventually did just that, tying a knot underneath each bead to hold it in place. I then just stuck the feather up in the bead and that was it! Easy as pie. You could hot glue gun the feather in there too if you wanted. I also trimmed her up a bit to make her look less crazy and more uniform. Since Matt doesn't love it as much as I do it found a home in the playroom.... For now.



  1. ok i love it. and now i'm finally inspired to finish mine this weekend. i WILL do it. then blog about it. circle of life. i love the idea of just shoving the feathers in the beads. i bought tacky glue bc i didnt feel like the gun. all deadly. i miss you :(

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. Wow. This is the perfect design and I hope that this will increase the look of wall. Thanks for sharing tips about it.
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  3. Love, love love it! It came out so great.


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