Dominic, age 2 years: These late nights have been taking a toll on the kids lately, so Dom has been going up to nap more often than he was a month ago, and that's just fine by me! Last night he couldn't wait to get into his jammies and cuddle up with a blanket and his monkey and watch a movie though. Being in his jammies is probably his most favorite place to be. Each night we play a game of what extra blanket he would like... no not that one, not that one, not that one, but the original one that was in his crib to start... fun times!

David, age 5 years: When we put him to bed last night he promptly announced that his pirate octopus that has been in his room since birth could no longer  be in his room. He just doesn't want it there anymore. Period. The end. I left it lying on the floor outside his door in  hopes that come morning he will change his mind... But Chase, Whaley the Dolphin, Blaze the firetruck and all his little McDonald's Happy Meal toys could stay the night. They still mean something, apparently.

Letty, age 6 years: She goes to bed with about three books, possibly four if she sneaks back out of bed, three barbies, two diy craft pillow stuffed things that she has made, two of her original Disney princess stuffed dolls from way back when, and possibly about a hundred other items including but not limited to pieces of paper, the random bead, a barbie high heel or crown, a few Shopkins, a rogue lego, a lincoln log, and Lord only knows what. She is a slob and a hoarder. God love her.

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  1. WHAT is with the hoarding of toys IN the bed while they sleep? Everyday I take them all out and organize them "near" the bed. But last night I went in after Pierce fell asleep and he had a pirate ship, a star wars rover, two robots, trucks, his piggy bank, swim goggles, and a nerf gun....and there he was curled up under his sheets!????

  2. so funny. i was such a hoarder too at that age. and look at how sweet dom looks! i am not fooled! haha. and that david wanted the octopus gone. SAD. sigh. they aren't allowed to grow up. period the end.

    xoxo cheshire kat

  3. I just love these posts and learning a little more about your precious kiddos each time. They all look so cozy and sweet.


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