We are just returning from a long weekend at the beach so these photos were taken by Matt on our road trip home yesterday...
Dominic, age 2 years: His road trip essentials include snacks, his iPad, his "mens" (any toy figure so long as it's male) and a whole lot of demands for various accoutrements. At least he still falls asleep during long car rides which is pretttty much the best way to travel if you ask me.

David, age 5 years: Poor middle child with a blurry photo. But that is Daddy for ya, you know? Sometimes he just takes blurry pictures... David has to have a truck gifted to him from his Nonna and his blue sunglasses from his pre-k teacher with him in the car at all times. He'll forget his water cup regularly, but not those glasses/truck.

Letty, age 6 years: Give the girl Minecraft and she is happy for the long haul. We also find a lot of videos/pictures on her iPad after a road trip. She's always back there singing too, to any tune even if it's the first time she's heard it. All of that she got from her mama because man... I sure do like to sing along, whether I know the words or not.

Now. Back to laundry...

Past weekly shots found here.


a boho wall hanging

Another Crafting with Kerri post for our Friday! I've seen these all over Pinterest and Etsy and Instagram and I just love them so much so I was thrilled when she too loved them and wanted to do one of these! Matt can't stand it, to be clear, but I love it!

Things you need:
Two embroidery hoops of different sizes (mine found at A.C. Moore)
Gold spray paint
Yarn in whatever color you wish
Wood beads
Hot glue gun

I wrote about the whole tie technique on my other wall hanging post found here.

Letty took the majority of these for us because she's becoming quite the budding photographer...
We had to call it quits the day of because we were running out of time so later I spent many a struggle trying to get the beads on the yarn but eventually did just that, tying a knot underneath each bead to hold it in place. I then just stuck the feather up in the bead and that was it! Easy as pie. You could hot glue gun the feather in there too if you wanted. I also trimmed her up a bit to make her look less crazy and more uniform. Since Matt doesn't love it as much as I do it found a home in the playroom.... For now.


a mini golf birthday!

David pretty much had the best birthday. His party was the Saturday before, but his actual birthday? That was a pretty epic one. We went to a new fun park with Nonna and Lena... She treated all the kids to actual kid's meals at McDonald's and the kiddie cones they do there?! Amazing. Then he swam all afternoon in the pool... followed by mini golf and then Panera Bread for his favorite bagels. This kid was living the dream. Five is where it's at.

We haven't really done mini golf before. The kids did a hole or two on the cruise in the fall but actually gone and paid money to golf? Nope. The attendant was kind enough to let us go in having only paid for the kids because let's be honest, there was no way Matt or I were golfing. We went to Lost Treasure Golf down in the middle of tourist country because we were really going for the schmaltz here. 

Letty was the only one who actually tried to play, even though she credited herself with a hole in one on every hole. David and Dom just wanted to plunk their balls into the hole (come on Matt, keep your mind out of the gutter) and then continue on to see what lay at the next one. Always looking ahead those two, never savoring the moment...
We were so thankful that we had the entire place to ourselves because they were loud... and inpatient... and well... just, thank God.


david's fifth birthday party

We always host our families for the kid's birthdays each year and I always let them pick their "theme" otherwise known as the paper products. David chose a theme that was online only unfortunately and I didn't know that until it was too late and so he had to chose something from the shelves, settling on Hot Wheels, just like his fourth birthday so. Sorry my middle child! Also sorry because quite a lot of people couldn't make it and well, like I needed another reason to say big families are amazing (right Brittany?)!

We watched the birthday dvd that I whip up for each kid every year, all to some choice tunes. David chose the meal, pizza and corn, what else is there for this little boy? He wanted it to be Red Baron pizza but we convinced him getting it delivered from a pizzeria was a wiser choice. He got some great gifts! A dinosaur floor puzzle, a pogo stick, two lego sets and some padding for his future education of course... Such a lucky little man! Thank you to all who could make it and celebrate his fifth time around the sun!

 And then of course just because hey! Perk of a summer birthday! We went outside to swim!
David's fourth birthday party, third, second and first!