who dominic is at two and a half years old.

I know I'm always saying this and I'm always saying it because it is so true, but, I always sell this kid short. In my mind he isn't a toddler. I can't expect him to understand or to listen or to talk because well, he's my baby... But he does understand. And sometimes he listens. A baby no more...
We have a vocabulary, which is really the most important development in the past six months. He repeats literally everything and it's wonderful that he can finally use his words! He still tends to resort to screaming when he is initially angry but once we remind him to just talk he does. Potty words are his favorite and we can thank big brother for that one. Whenever he does something he is particularly proud of his mouth opens up into a big 'o' and he gasps and says, did you see dat?!

His sleeping habits leave much to be desired but we are getting there. He goes to bed at 7 like his siblings (until the summer of yes that just recently began that is) and he could wake up anywhere between 5:30 - 7 the next morning, mostly leaning towards the earlier hours. We don't put him down for a nap anymore but if we happen to be in the car in the afternoon he will tend to nod off, and if he does wow is that some hard sleep to wake him from!
He doesn't eat the best but he sure isn't David. He loves applesauce and bananas, peanut butter sandwiches and pasta, all the pasta! He thinks he wants milk often but actually doesn't, so we are working on his dairy intake. He at least normally tries foods which is so important to me, but he will more than likely spit it out and say "blah!" with disdain.

He can count to three and knows his colors and an awfully lot of animal names... but as far as anything else goes academically we have no idea... He really loves dinosaurs and legos. Dumping all the bins and then not cleaning up. He always wants to watch Blaze and the Monster Machines, like on repeat.

He's a dare devil and a toughie. He will climb things that no one has any business climbing and he will bump his head and it not even phase him. He loves to wrestle but he's so rough that he honestly hurts his brother, and not in the dramatic oh woe is me way, in the wow I almost lost a tooth way.
Every morning he tells me that he wants to play with David which is just the very best thing ever! I think he's going to really enjoy having Letty home too now, fresh meat! She babies him and carries him around which I don't think he minds too much. 

His general demeanor has improved so much recently and wow, thank God for that! He still is miserable often and has a nasty temper but he is affectionate and has the cutest smile ever... that sly little I know what I'm doing with you mom and you know it smile... He just recently got yet another ear infection and so now we need to have the whole discussion with our pediatrician about tubes and all of that. It doesn't make me happy because: anesthesia. But I also hate to think of him on round after round of antibiotics.

And no, he doesn't want to go on the potty. Ya know what though? I truly do not care. Potty training is my very least favorite and when he's ready he will do it. I'm not fighting him on this. He's a pain in the neck in so many ways why add to the frustration right?