waterfall climbing at salt springs park

I know I said that our vacation rental didn't have a lot to do in the surrounding area, and while that is true (who needs to leave that house, am I right?!), there was one thing that we all piled into our respective vehicles to go see, Salt Springs Park. We were told that this park had some waterfalls and some hiking and you had me at hiking... So off we went! 
I thought I had a relatively good plan in place, I had the map and directions.... But when The Google told me to turn left onto an unpaved road and continue on for several miles I was slightly disconcerted. The van has been on worse roads of course, but still. Bob's Road. We found the parking lot eventually and then tried to find the trail. I had heard it was described as an "easy" trail that was "family friendly" and we found both to be incorrect. Surely we were on the wrong path? But no, my brother went ahead on a reconnaissance mission and came back to report that this was the right way to the waterfalls.
We climbed slowly on slippery rocks and over fallen logs to the first falls. Very nice! But Matt wanted to continue on... so he had us Olsens climbing up over the waterfall so that we could then view the second one. The only family member crazy enough to join us for that second falls was my brother. We took a few photos and down we went, down the slippery waterfall. Excellent parenting decisions, we made. 
Then we went to an overlook trail that was handicap accessible and that was definitely more everyone else's speed. 
But that Bob's Road....