turkey hill trail

I always like a good hike on Memorial Day Weekend. Gotta start our summer off right! I don't ask for much, kid-friendly, generally short for little legs, within a 45 minute or an hour drive, and something pretty to see, a destination if you will. This trail met several of those with the major exception being toddler friendly. There is a gravel and totally flat trail that runs along the Susquehanna River and then there is the narrow and steep trail that heads up Turkey Hill. I thought we would be wandering along the river... But Matt wanted to see Turkey Hill's giant windmills so... narrow and steep we went, carrying Dominic most of the way lest he slide off down the steep side of the hill towards what I'm sure would be his sudden death. I never exaggerate. You exaggerate. 

Oh and we found a snake skin! Yay! 
Anyways! These windmills are pretty big and they made quite the stir when they were installed years ago. There was also a nice overlook up there at the base of the windmills, Matt's kind of overlook with a fence and absolutely no way for his children to fall off. The fog of the morning had just cleared off and we had a nice view, even if it was hazy...
Then we started our trek back down said narrow and steep trail. We saw what appeared to be an "unofficial" trail that led down the steep hillside to the nice flat gravel trail I mentioned earlier. Matt thought hey, let's go down there. He did some reconnaissance first to confirm we could actually make it and there wasn't oh I don't know, a great wall down there blocking us. He stayed about half way down while I slid slash hung from trees till I could hand Dom off to him before helping the older kids down. They ended up sliding down on their bottoms giggling the entire way. I stopped them at different intervals and slowed them down of course.... All to be met with some poison ivy at the bottom. This freaked the big kids out immensely, Letty barely made it through alive and David required my assistance (read: I had to carry him).
Was it worth it? Only you can decide. But there was a red train car there so... Silver lining.