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I've been a tad floral obsessed lately. Don't mind me, just your village crazy lady walking around and cooing to her flowers. My most favorite rose bush of all time always gives me the most beautiful peach blooms all summer long and this summer it decided to go wild? Or so I am told. Part of it now has these pretty burgundy blooms. And then there is the whole situation of the begonia gone indoor plant which I'm just really struggling with. Suffice it to say, I really like my flowers. 

We are just so close to the end of school I can taste it. The number of lunches that I have yet to pack for Letty is almost countable on one hand! Tomorrow night she has this circus performance that is supposed to last all of fifteen minutes? Just one more thing on the list of things that has to happen before school lets out.

We've been using this product on the boy's hair lately... It smells fantastic and it's all natural which is obviously a big perk! Plus then we aren't breaking into daddy's stash but I mean, Matt could use this stuff too. What do you think makes it stand up, slick?

David has been living the dream being home all day. Loving his life! Our days seem to crawl by until Letty gets off the bus and I'm not complaining. We just get so much done! We go to parks and we swim and we go for walks. Oh only on days that aren't full of rain which are few and far between as of late and I. Am. So. Over. It. He talks my ear off during all these excursions... What is my favorite color? My favorite type of truck? Do I want to know what his favorite truck of the day is?

Have we heard of fidget spinners yet? I had, only from my Steph who is a teacher and has to deal with such things. But not from my own kids, thankfully. Until the day Letty got off the bus asking why she didn't have one and how life was so unfair. After hearing about a ten year old girl who choked on a piece of one, Matt has forbidden them. Here is the science behind them though, for those curious.

The Love Actually sequel for Red Nose Day! It just makes me so very happy! Laura Linney's story line in particular. Hello hello husband of hers!! How it has been 14 years since that movie came out is beyond me. Right?!

As of last night my very own best college friend turned best long distance friend Kerri is here visiting! It's been far too long and we are just so excited to have her here with us! We have a schedule full of fun activities to keep her Orlando loving self entertained.  

Speaking of being entertained, I love this video someone edited together of the Star Wars cast singing "All Star." How.  That's what I want to know. Or maybe why?

Dominic! He speaks! And he hugs! But he doesn't sleep! But we will take it. Every day when I come down in the morning he turns around on his stool to look down the hallway and a huge smile breaks across his face and he says Mommy's here!! And opens his arms so I have to hug him. Best. Morning. Greeting. Ever.

Okay so I finally caught up on Once Upon a Time. I have a lot of feelings. Mainly the singing episode? I could barely stomach it. I was embarrassed. I was laughing. Embarrassed laughing. How did they do it with a straight face? I hate to say it but I feel like this ship has sailed. I might be bowing out right along with Emma and the rest of them.

Since David has stopped with school I have started being more lax with my morning routine. Don't be so shocked! Instead of waking up at 5:30 to run my (almost) four miles I now wake up at 6:40 which is when Letty needs to start getting ready. Then when she leaves with Matt at 7:15 I take the boys down into the basement while I run at that point. I sort of love having my coffee before my run and getting the laundry folded and the flowers watered all before she leaves. See how I brought it all back around to my flowers again?

So what's new with you all? Oh and hey! Happy Juuuuuuune!!!

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  1. I don't have kids, but I've heard all about fidget spinners. I don't get them at all or why they're SO popular, but we had stuff like that when I was growing up too! Sometimes you just can't figure out what will catch on :)

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. As a teacher, I despise the fidget spinner. On any given day, I would have 1 or 2 stuffed in my desk because kids wouldn't stop...they're not being "used" properly. Kids are getting them as toys and I'm hoping this trend dies out before school starts again. AND (to continue my rant :), kids take them apart, so I'm not shocked that there's choking incidents happening.

    I'm about done with Once Upon a Time. I'm trying to catch up on the last season and it's just not very enthralling.

  3. Why yes, the fidget spinner. Ace brought them up, Chris laughed out loud and said "go play outside". So I think that is a no. LOL! But I guess never say never? That choking story though???!!!!

  4. I’m right there with you on the floral obsession! I can’t tell get enough. Mason has a collection of 6 or 7 spinners now! We’ve heard they are great for children with ADHD (which Mason is) so we gave them a go. Nathan and I find ourselves playing with them often as well! I can only imagine how Dominic makes mornings so much better! Being greeted like that has to be the sweetest thing.

  5. Fidget spinners have been a big deal for a few months now around here and it seems like the masses are just now hearing about them. I've heard about the choking incidents and also that some made in China have lead paint. Ugh! My kids don't have them and don't think I'll give in if they ask. I still haven't seen the Love Actually video for Red Nose Day. I need to go find it online right now!

  6. ahhhh i'm reading this and already home. and i'm sad. but this is how things go. so i will just wallow in self pity. ha. and photos. all the photos. i loved the love actually sequel as it was just the cutest. and all the flowers - i think it's a great train my friend!!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  7. Fidget spinners! Mike is a high school special ed teacher and orders these for his school. With high school age kids I dont think there is quite as much concern with the choking hazard? But yeah they are supposed to help some special needs which is great! Also, give me all the blooms! Never knew a rose bush could go rogue! Annnnd whaaaa for Love actually sequel?! The link isnt working anymore but Im assuming its the same guy she dated in the first movie?

  8. ok. first off, thanks for linking up and i apologise for my ridiculous tardiness.
    second, i am seasons behind on once upon a time, but hope to catch up one day (probably when it's over). i definitely always thought it was awful, but i loved it anyway. KC calls it 'schlock'. so what's this about emma bowing out? does she leave? don't ruin it for me exactly but tell me please (gosh, so demanding!). did you ever watch grey's anatomy? they did a singing/musical episode and lord i think i watched it with covers over my head i was so embarrassed.
    KC is a teacher so i've heard of the fidget spinner things. he's a special ed teacher so he sees them a lot. my cousin's kids from home asked for them as their gifts that they told me i'm bringing them, so i bought them and i'm relinquishing responsibility once i hand them over. the choking sounds terrifying though.
    so many emotions about the Love Actually sequel. off to watch that star wars video. (HOW?)


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