rainy day for strawberries

One of my favorite things to do with the kids all summer long is go off and pick fresh fruit. The first fruit of the season being strawberries, which is personally my favorite. With all the crazy weather we have been having as of late I knew that if I missed an opportunity to pick I could very well miss the entire season completely because one just never knows. Last year the cherry season was something like two days? Thankfully strawberry season is still going strong, or so I hear. Anyways it wasn't sunny. It wasn't warm. And it was misting, but we still went to pick. My sisters and our brood, off in search of the freshest of berries.

Dominic just was happy to have a container... David picked three and fell apart when he couldn't pick more but after all that time and only three? The turnaround there just leaves much to be desired. Letty just wanted to eat all the berries in all the lands and this was the first year I let her even have so much as a bite... The afternoon culminated in a fight over a port-a-john with my middle child and me almost wiping out on a road cone so.... There's a story there, I'm sure...
Prior year's pickings here, here, here and here!



  1. I am SO excited to pick some fruit this summer! There are a couple farms near us that I have on my list! And that picture of you and Letty (!!!!) blow that up and stick it on a wall somewhere!
    Oh...and can I get some more info on the port a potty situation? LOL

  2. allll the strawberries really. i am glad you braved the misty gross weather for some yummy berries! i love how they are all so uniquely particular about the whole process. ha.

    xoxo cheshire kat

  3. ahhh this is perfection!!!!!


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