our memorial day

Are we tired of hearing me complain about what the weather was like yet? Just not how we imagined our first Memorial Day Weekend with a pool to look like but that's the thing about Mother Nature... not one to answer the call of new pool owners.

The rain mainly held off on our Memorial Day, some drizzle here and there during the actual day, but all things were wet from the rain during the night. So okay, not ideal, but at least not a wash out. We headed over to my brother's house for a little pre-parade cocktail. The Lititz Memorial Day parade isn't long at all, and there is no candy, but it's great just the same. More somber and a welcome reminder about what the day is about after all.  My brother and Sadie have quite the deal being able to walk to all of this wonderful stuff in Lititz! Such a fan. After the parade we went back to their house for a bbq and of course family photos....
It was chilly but that didn't stop the kids from tearing around their back yard and up and down their playset that we are just so lucky they kept! We even ended up having a fire to keep us warm. The highlight of the day for a certain six year old girl was the loss of her first tooth! It has been lose since August so let's be honest, it needed to come out. She has six other loose teeth too but this one was hanging on by a real thread. It was really annoying her so after much consideration and the offer by all three of her uncles to pull it out she asked her daddy (who made no such offer) to go inside and pull it out. Which he did! She cried. I cried. We all survived. Thanks so much to Uncle Sadie for the ice cream sandwich that made it all better!! 

And I have no idea how long my kids are going to call her Uncle Sadie but I find it funny for now so I'll let it go?
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