on the lake...

The biggest hit of the week of course was the lake itself. It wasn't very large, but that was just fine for us! For those wondering, this is Heart Lake in Montrose, PA. We had ourselves a paddle boat, a canoe, two kayaks, a pontoon boat and various assorted tubes. They have quiet hour rules blocking off certain times of day from motor activities (before 10, from 2-4 and something like after 7:30). We used the pontoon boat as often as we could, some of us jumping off and swimming a quick lap around the boat. We kayaked out to the submersed island in the middle of the lake. Some of us floated lazily right by the dock. My brother canoed while dragging several individuals on said tubes. The home owners also took some of us out on this gigantic eagle tube thing that really was just so very exciting.

Oh and we learned quite quickly that if Matt wasn't going on the boat then the boys shouldn't even be asked to go on at all. Rude.
All that to say, we loved being able to go out on the lake whenever we pleased, in a boat all our own for the week (minus quiet hours). And we now all want to have our own family boat..... The plotting has begun...



  1. All of David's faces in these pictures are killing me! And the one of you laughing with him crying is just a portrait of motherhood.

  2. seriously these photos are stunning. i am deceased over that photo of david crying with you and then dom giving the judgement look. lol. so much tan. so much water. i need to be in the water immediately if not sooner now!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  3. oh i know it was sooo nice to spend that beautiful quality time with your fam!!! these photos just make me so happy. looks like everyone had a great time!!

  4. Such good times! So, the owners of the place let you guys take out the pontoon? How cool is that?


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