mdw, the saturday

I really over extend myself during this weekend, the proverbial "kick off to summer" weekend. And while the weather really didn't feel like it was such as is par for the course these days around here, I sure didn't let that stop me! It's tradition!

First up was a little morning in the neighboring town of Lititz. Some of my family met us first at the park for a little play time and some duck feeding time... After which we headed over to the Bullshead for some drinks and some eats. We quite literally never just meet up for drinks and even though this hasn't happened in a year it should happen more often. Oh what about the kids, you say? Yes they were there and that did hinder the whole "relaxation" portion of the morning but they weren't so bad and it was outside! And Uncle T took them on walks! And we had an enormous bag of animal crackers!
After a quick break at home we headed back out with my sister-in-law and Mikayla for the Mount Joy Parade. So so so much more pleasant than last year's, where we practically melted onto the sidewalk. This year it was so much cooler obviously and this is the only time when it's okay to be cooler. Parade time. We made through the whole thing this time, an entire hour and a half. The kids got quite the decent share of candy... Fire trucks beeped and bands played and it was good! I'm always such a sucker for those bagpipes man... That and every time a vet drove past I get all emotional inside. Clap your hands, children of mine. I know you don't get it, and truly, neither do I understand the sacrifice, but still. Clap away.