letteria's first 5k!

A few weeks back, sorry I'm so behind here but wow June is just nuts is it not?! Where did it even go!? Anyways, a few weeks back Letty ran in her very first 5k! Which is a pretty big deal for most people, and even more so if you are six. My dad has been saying for years that she should run our town's Rock n' Glow 5k, but I never could quite commit to it with her. I just wasn't sure how she would do or if she would need to take a lot of walking time in those 3.2 miles... Well after her past year of running I finally said yes! Let's try it! We even got Kerri and daddy to come out and cheer us on, which never happens!

Our running group sure has shrunk through the years has it not? Let's bring that back family, okay? She was so excited in the days leading up to this run, I think the biggest draw was that the start time was two hours past her bed time and it would be dark out when she was running. She loved seeing all the glow sticks and hearing all the loud music. I let her set the pace and kept asking if she was okay, if it was too slow or too fast, but she never walked once! Other than to get a quick drink at one of the water stations that is, which I don't count. She was even skipping at one point. She never let go of my hand and the smile never left her face. It was awesome. When we turned the corner to the final straight away leading up to the finish line I said okay hun, let go of my hand and just run your little heart out! And my oh my did she! I had to work real hard just to keep up with her. My little gazelle. She crossed the finish line in something like 34:49 with me right beside her and her Poppop coming up shortly after. 

And then she asked when the next race was....
I just love the blurry running photos Kerri got of us at the end because man, Letty's little legs were flying!

The next morning when I got up to run again Letty said, oh mom can I come too!? So I'm thinking she's got the running bug. And I couldn't be happier about it!

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