inner harbor

The final stop on the Kerri Chronicles leads us to Inner Harbor, Baltimore. We used to go here all the time back when Matt and I were first dating and when we were first married but we haven't returned since Letty was ten months old, on the day she got the okay from our pediatrician that she could eat whatever was on our plate at the time, which was french fries. Isn't it odd how things can stand out like that? Her first french fry was down at Inner Harbor. And she was wearing a magenta top. I'm sick, I know it.

Anyways so Kerri's flight was leaving out of BWI and so I thought hey! Let's leave a bit earlier and swing by Inner Harbor for old time's sake! The kids have never been! I'll have company on our journey back to the airport that will distract from her leaving! Winner winner!

We wandered around the harbor for a little bit trying to find a place with outdoor dining that included shade that had available seating and was appropriate for kids and landed at Phillips. We had some light fare (the kids got fries of course!) and some drinks before heading out.
I love these last three photos because well, it's so us! Until next time, my Ker Bear! Sniff.

Okay and just because I am masochistic here is Letty on the aforementioned fries day....

Yup. I'm done.